Milwaukee Music Podcast

Music has always been an important aspect of our identity here at info* Magazine. Between features on local bands, DJs, and solo artists, and editorial on music venues, shows, festivals and more, we've had our fingers to the pulse of the Milwaukee music scene since our conception 15 years ago.

So when planning our 15-year anniversary issue, it seemed not only fitting, but inevitable that we do something special—something new, something different in our coverage of Milwaukee music. We did our first-ever podcast.

We invited to our office four local music experts: Dori Zori, Morning Show Host at 88.9FM Radio Milwaukee; Erin Wolf, Music Director at WMSE Radio 91.7FM; Promise Bruce, Assistant Production Director and radio personality at WKKV V100.7FM; and Tyler Maas, Co-Founder and Editor at Milwaukee Record. We had introductions, poured some drinks, and asked them to have a conversation with the following simple prompt: talk amongst yourselves about the music scene in Milwaukee—how it was (roughly) 15 years ago, today, and where you see it going.

The hour-long conversation meandered through many topics—from Milwaukee's growth in capturing the attention of national acts, to improvement of local music coverage (and the way it still has to go), to the challenges of finding local music in the oversaturated digital age, and so much more. The following are some excerpts from that conversation .

Download Podcast MP3.